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Current road construction projects and status. Please check this page to find where traffic disruptions may be.

Type Location Status
Bridge Culvert Repair         Township Rd 770      Complete   
Bridge Culvert Repair Range Rd 195 Complete
Bridge Repair Township Rd 742 - Iroquois Creek  Complete
Lagoon Upgrading Faust Complete
Lagoon Upgrading Enilda Complete
Road Paving & Other High Prairie Hospital Access Rd Complete
Bridge Culvert Replacement      Township Rd 742A Complete
Bridge Culvert Replacement Township Rd 723 - Anderson Creek  Complete
Bridge Repair Range Rd 180 - Iroquois Creek Complete
Bridge Repair Faust - Railway Ave - Jim Cook Creek     Complete
Road Widening & Seal Coat Hilliard's Bay & Shaw's Point Roads Complete

Please take care around construction crews and summer highway maintenance crews for Line Painting and Ashphalt Cracksealing.