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Municipally Owned Land Policy

Financial Control Policy

Safety Program Policy

Vehicle Usage

Emergency On Call Response

Staff & Appointed Official Subsistence & Travel Expense & Allowance Policy

Staff Use (Facilities, Equipment, Supplies)

Restrictions on Open Tenders, Quotations, Etc.

Retirement/Years of Service Award Program

Congratulatory Message

Development Permit, Subdivision and Land Use Bylaw Application Fee Refund Policy

Hiring Policy

Internet & Email Usage

Christmas Staff Recognition

Corporate Advertising Policy

Alcohol Free Municipal Properties

Recognition of Special Events

Risk Control Policy

Physicians Recruitment

Performance Management Policy 

Substance Abuse Policy

GPS Monitoring Policy

Tangible Capital Assets Policy

Tax Concession Policy

Hamlet Recreation Funding Policy

Capital Project Grants to Organizations Policy


Short Term Disability Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Operating Grants Policy

Event & Sponsorship Grants Policy

Holiday Coverage Policy 

Telephone Usage 

County Apparel Policy 

Staff Development

Smoking in the Workplace

Investment Policy



Code of Ethics

Councillor, At-Large Honorarium Policy

Council Photo Policy

Councillor Convention & Registration Policy

Tourism Policy

Council Severance Package Policy

Political Fund Raisers



FCS Newsletter Policy

Christmas Toy Collection Policy



Fire Hydrant Inspection & Maintenance Policy

Volunteer Fire Department Remuneration Policy


Bylaw Enforcement

Transportation, Use & Storage of Firearms Policy

Motor Vehicle Pursuit Policy

Code of Conduct for Special Constables

Handling Public Complaints & Administration of Discipline for Special Constables

Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C.) Spray Use, Care & Handling

Expandable Baton Use, Care & Handling

Handling of Public Complaints & Administration of Discipline for Bylaw Enforcement Officers

Canadian Policy Information Centre Policy


Water & Sewer

Capital Water/ Sewer Improvements

Rodent Control at Sewage Lagoons/Reservoirs



Construction of Approaches to Well Sites from I.D. Road Allowances

Private Driveway Snowplowing

Maintenance of Municipal Gravelling Program Main Haul Routes

MD Roadways

Private Approaches

Road Inspection Policy

Naming of Roads Policy

Road Maintenance Policies & Procedures

Signs (Informational)

Signs (Private)

Road Standards & Designations

Dust Control Policy

New Road Access Priority Criteria Policy

Gravel Truck Hiring Policy

Private Driveway Grading

Hamlet Mowing

Lagoon Access

Hamlet Dust Control Policy

Bridge Inspection & Weight Restriction Policy


Agriculture Service Board

Agricultural Advisory Committee

Virulent Blackleg of Canola Policy

Beaver Control Policy

Fusarium Graminearum Policy

Spray Exemption Policy

Grasshopper Control Policy

Weed Control Policy

Agriculture Rental Equipment

Clubroot of Canola Policy

Wolf Hunting Incentive

Veterinary Services Incorporated

Equipment Sanitation