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MDP and LUB review

 We want YOUR input!

Big Lakes County is conducting a review of its two main land use management documents: the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB). As the County grows and changes over time, it is a good idea to review key documents to make sure they reflect the County’s current needs.

In order to make sure the County grows in the best way possible, we need YOUR help. Throughout the MDP and LUB review process, the County will be holding several opportunities to gain your perspective on what you think are the main land use management concerns within the County. Participation opportunities will include public open houses, the setup of two (2) information booths located in the County office in High Prairie and Kinuso, a survey questionnaire posted on our website, as well as a Facebook site. 


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Follow the link below to answer questions about how development should occur in the County:

 MDP and LUB Questionnaire

Open House Boards



Keep Informed: Community Engagement Information/Opportunities

Public Open Houses and Meetings Completed:
June 15th – Faust Gathering Place
June 16th – Joussard Homesteader’s Hall
June 17th – Enilda WI Hall
October 28th – Joussard Community Association Hall

Information Booths: High Prairie Administration Office and Kinuso Administration Office

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a Municipal Development Plan?

A Municipal Development Plan is a high-level policy document that guides the vision and future growth of the County. Policies and goals outlined in the Municipal Development Plan are achieved through the use of implementation tools such as the Land Use Bylaw, Master Plans, Financial Plans, etc.

The Municipal Development Plan is a decision-making tool to help County staff and council make informed decisions about how the community should grow and develop. It considers factors like economic trends, demographics, and the natural environment to inform its policies on the future development of the County.

What is an Area Structure Plan?

While a Municipal Development Plan provides a vision on the future growth of the entire County, an Area Structure Plan provides details for the growth and development of specific areas within the County. Policy guidelines within this document must be in conformity with the goals of the Municipal Development Plan. There are several Area Structure Plans for different areas within Big Lakes County. Although the County is not conducting a review of its Area Structure Plans at this time, they serve as important tools for implementing the goals of the Municipal Development Plan.

What is a Land Use Bylaw?

The Land Use Bylaw is one of the tools used to implement the policies outlined in the Municipal Development Plan in enforceable rules and regulations surrounding land uses. It sets out specific rules for land development like location, size, height and type of uses that can be developed on a parcel of land. It also sets out rules and procedures for the development and subdivision process, as well as clear rules relating to enforcement and penalties, should the regulations not be followed.

Why is the County Conducting a Review?

As the County grows and changes over time, so do its needs. The purpose of this review is to make sure the County’s growth policies and land use regulations properly address the current issues and opportunities facing the growth and development of the County in the future.

How will this Review be Carried Out?

The key to developing a good Municipal Development Plan is by connecting with you: The people who have the experience and knowledge of the local environment and a vision of what your community should be like. The County will be holding a series of open houses and workshops to connect with residents, landowners, and stakeholders to obtain their opinions on how the County should grow. Input gathered throughout this process will be considered in the creation of the County’s revised Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw.

Why Is this Important?

Land use policies and regulations within the Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw affect how you can develop your lands. By seizing this opportunity to participate in the planning process, your input can have a direct influence on the form and shape that the County takes on in the future.


What are the Timelines of the MDP and LUB Review?

Phase I – Background Review and Issue Identification (April – August, 2015)

  • Hold startup meeting with Administration
  • Conduct background research and analysis
  • Notify affected agencies and the public
  • Issue media releases and launch website
  • Conduct community consultation
  • Prepare Phase I summary and recommendations report for County Administration

Phase II – Preparation of Draft MDP and LUB (August, 2015 – June, 2016)

  • Prepare draft MDP and LUB
  • County Administration to review and comment on draft MDP and LUB
  • Conduct community consultation to collect feedback on draft MDP and LUB

Phase III – Finalization of MDP and LUB (June – July, 2016)

  • Prepare finalized draft MDP and LUB
  • First and Second Reading of drafts
  • Hold Public hearing
  • Third reading and formal adoption by Council