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Oil & Gas

Oil-and-gasEnergy Deposits

Petroleum & Oilsands
The MD of Big Lakes has deposits of natural gas & conventional oil as well as being located on the southern borders of the Peace Oil Sand.

The area is home to a growing energy services industry that includes processing facilities, as well as trucking, fabrication, construction, chemical, tanks, pipe, and fuel centrally located to supply growing energy industry demands.

Northern Lakes College has developed a trades training facility in the Tolko OSB facility west of High Prairie which includes pre-trades training in welding, millwork, and 4th Class Power Engineering

There are significant deposits of coal located in the MD with new technology being developed to create a clean burning energy source.
These coal deposits hold great potential.


Peace Oil Sands

The MD of Big Lakes sits on the southern edge of the Peace Oil Sands. The future is bright for the development of these energy deposits.
Access to the south-east portion of the Peace Oil Sands is through the Seal Lake Road connector.

Oil producing companies operating in the Peace Oil Sands include:

- Penn WestOil-and-gas3 -CNRL
- Shell
- Baytex
- Koch
- Murphy Oil
- Prosper
- Petroleum
- Andora
- Northern
- Alberta Oil
- Petrobank
- Strata
- Harvard
- Husky
- Devon
- Imperial
- Grizzly
- Cyries
- Glide
- Exploration


Seal Lake Connector

The Seal Lake Road was opened in 2008, Seal Lake Connector 3and is in the process of continually upgrading as the traffic levels increase.

The Seal Lake Connector Road provides a shorter route in/out of the Peace Oil Sands for goods and services coming from Edmonton. High Prairie as a staging area is 60 km shorter.

The route to the south-east portion of the Seal Lake and Chipmunk areas is 15 km shorter from High Prairie than Peace River.
The Seal Lake Connector road is well signed and starts on S
ec Hwy 749 north out of High Prairie.
Seal Lake Connector 2Seal Lake Connector 1

Access to the Plains Midstream Terminal and CCS near High Prairie is approximately 60 km shorter than the Harmon Valley Road and Hwy 2.

The shorter distances translate into fuel savings, lower mileage charges, more time on site working.