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Dog Control

Animal Control By-Law #28-2007

Under Section 2(5) of the by-law an “Owner” is defined as the person who has legal title to a dog, and includes also any person who has possession or custody of a dog, or harbors a dog, or allows a dog to remain on his premises.

Under Section 2(6) of the by-law “Running at Large” is defined as a dog which is off the premises of the owner, and is not on a leash or under the immediate, continuous and effective control of its owner or some competent person.  

Under Section 4 and 5 of the by-law, all dogs over six months old are to be licensed and the owner must ensure that the dog tag is worn around the neck of the dog.  

FREE dog tags are available at the Big Lakes County Administration Office in High Prairie. The license shall expire when the dog: dies, leaves the County or changes ownership.

Dogs are NOT permitted to:

  • run at large   
  • bite, attack, run at or attempt to bite, attack or run at a person
  • cause injury or death to another domestic animal
  • cause damage to private or public property
  • create a nuisance within the boundaries of a Hamlet by barking or howling
  • disturb the peace between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Owners may be held responsible for any violation of this by-law and may be fined a penalty of a $100.00 for the first offence, a $200.00 fine of the second and subsequent offences in addition to any fees payable if the dog is taken to an animal shelter.  The County is not responsible for picking up, impounding and paying for dogs that the owner wishes to give up. It is the responsibility of the owner to find their dog(s) a new home. 

Dogs picked up by the Animal Control Officer are held for three (3) days.  After three (3) days all unclaimed dogs are taken to the In the Woods Animal Rescue located near Marie Reine.


Animal Control Officer, Mary Dusseault  780-523-8197

In the Woods Animal Shelter                    780-322-2652



Please be a responsible pet owner and consider having your dog spayed or neutered.

The County does not provide dog control services to any neighbouring First Nations, Metis Settlements or urban municipalities.