COUNTY LOGO no backaround


Q.         Has the County picked up my dog?

A.        If the County has collected your dog it will be held for three days before delivery to the In the Woods Animal Shelter                 near Marie Reine.  Owners should first contact the Big Lakes County office to inquire.


Q.         I have a dog(s) that I own and want to get rid of.  Can the County come and pick it/them up?

A.         No, the County is not responsible for collection, impounding or paying for dogs that an owner wishes to give up. It is                the responsibility of the owner to find their dog(s) a new home.


Q.         I would like to report my dog missing.

A.         Details on the missing dog (name, phone #, location, description of dog) can be reported to the County office.


Q.        Who do I contact with concerns or complaints about wild animals or fishing?

A.         Concerns or complaints about wild animals or fishing should be directed to the Fish and Wildlife office,                                        ESRD at 523-6521 or Toll Free 310-000