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Subdivision Planning Application Process

A person wishing to create two or more lots from a single parcel of land must obtain subdivision approval from the County.  Conditions to the approval may be attached requiring the applicant to do any or all of the following pursuant to the Municipal Government Act:

    Provide land as environmental reserve or environmental reserve easement
    Provide up to 30 percent of the land for public roads and utilities
    Provide land or money in replace of land for municipal or school reserve
    Enter into a development agreement to construct or pay for the construction of roads, walkways and public utilities to serve the development
    Pay an off-site levy for the capital cost of water, sewer or drainage facilities
    Ensure compliance with the Planning and Development Part of the act or regulations under that part, statutory plans, or land use bylaws.

What Does it Cost to Subdivide Land in the County??

    For applications creating fewer than four lots:  $200 plus $100 per lot created including the balance  
    For applications creating four or more lots: $500 plus $100 per lot created including the balance  
    Endorsement fees $60 per lot including the remnant parcel