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birdwatchingbirdwatching2Designated as a global Important Bird Area, Lesser Slave Lake is home to over 220 species of birds. Among other species, birdwatchers in the area can enjoy viewing Tundra Swans, Western Grebe, Bald Eagles, Pileated Woodpeckers, and White Pelicans. Big Lakes County is equipped to serve birdwatchers all along the shores of Lesser Slave Lake with camping facilities, lakeshore cabins and other amenities. The wilderness and ecological diversity of the area is a goldmine for visitors to enjoy and explore. Some of the highlights include:

winagami lake

Winagami Lake

With a network of trails in the park, opportunities abound to view both woodland species and waterfowl populations. With spring, birders will see a variety of migrants passing through in birdwatching3addition to nesting birds establishing their territory. Mid May to Mid June provide the bird watchers the best season to view some of the species found in the area including American Avocets.
Located just to the north of Winagami Lake in the Town of McLennan is the internationally recognized wetland, Kimiwan Lake, which provides birdwatchers opportunities to view waterfowl and shorebird habitats. With an interpretive center on site, visitors can talk with staff, use the on site computer information stations, or view the centers on site displays. For more information visit or call the Kimiwan Lake Naturalists at 780-324-2004.


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Buffalo Bay

Located on the west end of Lesser Slave Lake by the community of Grouard, Buffalo Bay provides visitors with a natural setting to explore the extensive wetland habitat. Trails that wind through the area give visitors an opportunity to explore, on foot or cross country skis, the diverse natural habitat, wildlife, and bird population.