Big Lakes County Grants

Big Lakes County recognizes the value of community groups and the necessity of sustaining healthy, safe and vibrant communities. As such, Big Lakes County supports the following initiatives listed below through the following Big Lakes County grant programs:

  1. Big Lakes County CleanUp Grant
    Receive funding by making our community a little cleaner! If a Hamlet/Roadside CleanUp application is approved the County will schedule the event, location, review safety procedures with the group, and equip them the supplies needed to complete the CleanUp. In order to receive your hard earned funds,  please complete the Hamlet/Roadside CleanUp claim form following the completion of your event.  
  2. Big Lakes County Capital Grant
    Big Lakes County supports capital projects of local non-profit organizations with initiatives that provide a recognizable benefit to the Community. After an application is received and approved, work can begin on the project. Following the completion of the project, a project claim form indicating the expenses to be claimed and associated revenues for the project, and all invoices for the completed work must be submitted in order for grant funds to be released. 
  3. Events, Sponsorship, and In-Kind Donations
    Each year funds are identified during budgetary deliberations according to historical precedent, and are allocated on a first come first serve basis. These funds are to support community groups, events, and activities whose initiatives provide a recognizable benefit to the community.  
  4. Big Lakes County Operating Grant
    Supporting established community organizations by providing annual funding towards: Community Halls, Community Organizations, Cemeteries, Recreation Facilities, Museums, and Seniors Transportation; Big Lakes County helps to ensure there is a variety of valuable services available for our residents. 

To see if you're initiative is eligible for Big Lakes County grant funding please review our Grants Funding Policy or contact Kaleb Brink - Grants Officer for additional grants information.   

  • Attn: Grants Officer
  • Big Lakes County
  • P.O. Box 239, 5306-56 St.
  • High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0
  •  780-523-5955
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